ArborChar All Purpose Grow

5-6-4 fertilizer and biochar blend for improving leaf vigor, root development, and soil structure.


Biochar: 21%
Nitrogen: 5%
Phosphorous: 6%
Soluble Potash: 4%
Calcium: 6%
Magnesium: 2%

ArborChar All Purpose Grow 5-6-4 1lb Blend – (030-5110)
ArborChar All Purpose Grow 5-6-4 4lb Blend – (030-5115)

*1 lb Blend covers 200 sq. ft. – 4 lb Blend covers 800 sq. ft.




ArborChar All Purpose Grow 5-6-4 Label

ArborChar All Purpose Grow SDS

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  • Product Details

      Biochar is created by burning organic matter with limited oxygen in a process called pyrolysis, turning it into a porous and activated carbon material which helps to build soil, conserve water, and sequester carbon.

      Recommended for: General plant nutrition, improving sandy or clay soils, increasing water retention, and reducing nutrient leaching. Additional calcium helps to inhibit blossom end rot.

      The ArborChar Difference:

      ArborChar is uniquely built to be a soil amendment and fertilizer, blending nutrients with biochar to help improve leaf vigor and root and fruit growth, while aiding in the proliferation of soil microorganisms.

      • Made with biochar derived from sustainably grown hardwood for increased porosity.
      • Designed to have neutral pH and produce minimal dust.
      • Will not burn sensitive plant material.