TREE I.V. PRO Kit – (070-0038)

Designed for high dosage applications in all tree sizes and types. All the components you need for high production, including an extra TREE I.V. unit and QUIK-jet device with bottle top assembly. Ready for your large and small dose tree injection jobs.

  • Product Details
      TREE I.V. Pro Kit Includes:
      4 Single TREE I.V.
      QUIK-jet device w/ bottle top assembly
      16 VIPER valve assemblies
      4 TREE I.V. manifold 4-line
      1 TREE I.V. expansion manifold
      4 TREE I.V. stands
      2 VIPER needle clean-out tools
      1 Pressure pump
      1 Bucket
      1 12 pack bungee cord 12-22″
      1 3/8″ drill bit
      1 9/32″ drill bit
      1 Arborplug setter
      1 Graduated cylinder & 1 Funnel
      ½ Liter of CLEAN-jet